christian hostert (sjlence) – composer


media composer. traveller between worlds. successfully escaped from this one.


my musical journey started about 14 years ago, when i discovered that i really really liked a certain chord that someone played on the piano. i had no idea why i liked it at that point, but i wanted to replicate it and learn how it works. i picked up keyboard lessons, followed by playing in several bands ranging from christian rock over metal and a jazz combo to a bigband, always with the thought of collecting samples for my musical library.

my name is Christian Hostert, and as a composer for the media, i attempt to add another layer to the work of other people, whether it is for a film, a game or an installation. i believe in the power of music as a supporting medium, that can transport a message and which bears a hand to enhance the depth of the media.

i want to make people feel. whether it’s the light feeling of an early morning that you spend skating to a beloved person (imagine acoustic punk rock, lots of sus2 and sus4 chords), whether it’s a profound wound that you suffer from (a sole viola playing only the saddest notes), or just the woefulness of our times (i guess you can imagine what that sounds like) – i want to take people on an emotional journey, i want them to reconsider the visuals they are looking at.
the following should be said as a disclaimer: i’m a sampling chameleon. whenever i find something i like, if it’s an interesting instrument, an idea from a book, a musical phenomenon that is specific for a genre – i will take it, record it or write it down to use it later and eventually create something like a patchwork carpet.

i love to work especially on darker, dystopian settings, using electronic components to roughen things up which would otherwise have been too clean. my favourite compositions are gritty, imperfect soundscapes containing a lot of harshness, which are contrasted by more lyrical and melodic parts. a journey between analogue warmth and digital coldness.

on the contrast, i have been involved in a couple of brighter projects lately, including a cartoon film and a medical application that needed some Japanese-inspired relaxation music. as a composer, i consider it my job to do a lot of concepting and research before i start sketching things out, which gives me the power of variety. this is key to my self-understanding as a composer, as is as good knowledge of music theory which allows me to compose themes that work not only by themselves, but really support the media they are composed for.

one of my big influences is dance music, which i borrow quite a lot of ideas from, e.g. the usage of loops that are repeated with minimal changes to only take a minimal part of the listeners attention. but genres are no category that i usually think in, i rather look for interesting things that work both together and for the cause of supporting a medium.

my composition style is a blend of classical techniques and modern songwriting. i could start by constructing motives on paper, and then continue by changing them using electronics. i enjoy working in an ensemble context as well as with band instruments, and prefer to morph between these two.