masterclass blikwisseling in eindhoven

what happens when about 20 students of different studies such as engineering, music theater, interaction design and media music, come together and get thrown in a giant sandbox which is filled with toys and tools by a dutch composer and two guys from the u.s. that work at MIT medialab, organize hackathons and the like?

as you might have guessed, a giant room of creative chaos starts existing. thats what i did last week in eindhoven: tinkering (or as i learnt what it should really be called, froebeling) around with tools such as the makey makey (a programmable interface, i’d call it), processing (a development environment just made for doing something with audio) and a lot of different materials that we liberated from our environment.



look at this kick-ass organ we made!


this week was incredibly fun, inspiring but also informative. i got back to programming in java (which i haven’t done for a couple of years), recorded the sound of a banana and in the end formed a grooup that created an interactive real-life point and click  adventure. it was a story about building a time machine in order to find out if people in the future still talk to their phones instead of talking to  each other. in the end, it was a very weird mix of portal-style voiceovers, people tripping over ten thousands of cables and my group being amazed that things actually worked.

this has certainly been one of the more amazing weeks in my life and i would not want to miss this experience that shifted my perspective completely and opened my eyes to new creative ways.

oh and we saw two very weird guys live, visited dutch design week eindhoven a couple of times and shared a thirty-bed dormitory. if anyone of you guys is reading this – thank you for this awesome time!


photos & video by maarten zaagman

in love with a zombie – composing music for a hair styling clip by “bubert”

so a few months ago, during vacation in lüdenscheid, a befriended “film maker” (guess i’ll call her that) contacted me. we had worked together before, for example on this little school project, where i had been composing the music for. matter of fact, now she had ran an internship at David&Goliath, an advertising agency, followed by an assignment to create a video for their client yves bubert, who is a great hair stylist in lüdenscheid. laura had cut the video on another commercial track until they noticed that the GEMA sure would not agree on the release of that video. in the end, she asked me, and i gladly said i’d do it.

i didnt really get any kind of briefing on what the intended style was, but the track they had worked with was a track by marilyn manson, so there came my inspiration. after a brief moment of composition, arrangement and lyrics writing (lyrics that i’m not really proud of, but well, i guess they fit so far), i proceeded to the local rehearsal room to record my best marilyn manson imitation, including improvised background vocals and screams. and this is the result:


the track can also be listened to at soundcloud

the sound of enschede – running through the city on a cold day to make two crazy soundscapes

this week there has been a projectweek at ArtEZ conservatorium. i signed up for a three day workshop with the title “de klank van enschede” (the sound of enschede), where we mainly worked on the topics field recording and impulse responses to eventually create two unique soundscapes.

for those who don’t know, field recording is the art of taking a ton of expensive equipment outside, recording stuff with it and returning to your home without your fingers being frozen off (that’s also why you see me wearing this stupid hat). if you’re interested in this, check out ric viers, he is the go-to guru of field recording.

impulse responses are responses to impulses (who would have thought), which are used in convolution reverbs as a sort of “reverb samples”. yes, you can sample a reverb using impulses. for more information, check out this wikipedia page.


so, what we did was to run around the city for one day, one team recording impulse responses of various places. thats also why they were carrying a gun (which is used to emit impulses).

the other team, including me, was recording a lot of ambiences, candy and random stuff, in order to have footage to later compose something with. i also had the job of documenting everything, which is why i was carrying a camera all the time.


after editing the footage, the responses, and exchanging every bit of audio, both teams individually composed one soundscape. i additionally created videos for each one of them. i am still busy cutting them, color correcting and making everything look fine, but here is a sneak peak on our work.



composition one, made by tobias bücken (avoid), max christensen, nico dilz


composition two, made by tip van den bos, florian hermsen, christian hostert (sjlence), pim de jonge