poulenc’s “sonata” – recording two musicians at ArtEZ

two weeks ago, i met an ensemble from the ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle. myself being a student at ArtEZ Enschede, i was asked to record two pieces, of which one i would write and the other would be selected by the musicians. so i wrote a piece for piano and alto sax and then met Juan and Martin for rehearsals. i still remember when they first played the piece, a sonata that Poulenc actually wrote for oboe and piano, but Juan’s genious soprano sax play gave it a whole new tone. we moved on to the theaterzaal, where we recorded it.

for the audio nerds, i recorded this with two AB stereo sets, one placed in front of the two players and one behind the piano, and two supporting mics inside the piano and around the sax. while mixing, i found out that the stereo mics created such a clear and distinct sound, that i actually did not have to blend in too much of the direct mics.

i am proud to present the video of the performance:

the second piece, which was written by me, requires some more editing and will follow soon.