this portfolio page features some of my favourite productions that i have done in the past years, varying from commercials with music written by me over games which i did the voice acting for to art exhibitions that featured my works.

2016 sd/post: "HUDZ shortfilms"

Nico Dilz and i were asked to do on set recording, post production and sounddesign for a short film, which you can see here. there’s also a blog article about it.

i also did the dialogue editing for this one:

2016 arr: "monaco - EP"

back in 2016, i helped Monica with a couple of arrangements for her EP, writing and playing parts for strings, brass and synthesizers. a few snippets can be found here.

2016 sd: "sprekende recepten - puree maken"

i did parts of the sound design for this radio play, which is presented to you in beautiful binaural audio. working on it included chasing a tractor.


2016 c/p: "the trail" (video game)

this game is currently in development, but there’s a preview mix of the soundtrack which you can check out.

2016 c/p: forbidden parallels (classical piece)

i worked together with two classical musicians from zwolle. we did not only record a piece they brought, they also played one that i wrote; and that is “forbidden parallels”.

as the name might already give away, it’s heavily based on parallels; and parallels that you usually do not use in composition are fifth parallels. that’s why the title.

thanks to juan and martin for performing it so greatly.

2015 c/p: rijksmuseum twenthe - de gouden eeuw (exhibition)

i am proud to present two pieces that i’ve uploaded to my soundcloud, taken from the exhibition “De Gouden Eeuw” that could be seen at the rijksmuseum in Enschede.

as it actually says on the ArtEZ homepage:

“Klein, speciaal op maat gesneden sound design is vooral bij “De Gouden Eeuw” te beluisteren […]”

(or in English)

“Little, exclusiveley tailored sound design can be listened to especially at “De Gouden Eeuw” […]”

it was a pleasure working in the museum, thanks to my multimedia elwin rumplmair for making it possible. the challenging aspect here was that i wasnt composing for a full range set of speakers, i was working for “audioguides” (a little 2″ max speaker in a box that you can carry around and scan the artwork with). The following two excerpts include low frequencies, trombones and double basses though.





2015 c/p: bubert hairstyling (video clip)

a few months ago, during vacation in lüdenscheid, a befriended “film maker” (guess i’ll call her that) contacted me. we had worked together before, for example on this little school project, where i had been composing the music for. matter of fact, now she had ran an internship at David&Goliath, an advertising agency, followed by an assignment to create a video for their client yves bubert, who is a great hair stylist in lüdenscheid. laura had cut the video on another commercial track until they noticed that the GEMA sure would not agree on the release of that video. in the end, she asked me, and i gladly said i’d do it.

i didnt really get any kind of briefing on what the intended style was, but the track they had worked with was a track by marilyn manson, so there came my inspiration. after a brief moment of composition, arrangement and lyrics writing (lyrics that i’m not really proud of, but well, i guess they fit so far), i proceeded to the local rehearsal room to record my best marilyn manson imitation, including improvised background vocals and screams. and this is the result:


the track can also be listened to at soundcloud

2014 c/p: de stem van west (podcast)

as one of the first projects i did when i began my studies, i made some cheerful music for this podcast episode.