i produce music on a lot of occasions. be it a piece i wrote myself for a project, or a production requested by a singer songwriter, a remix…

even though i prefer being a part of the entire production process, from writing/composition to mastering the final result, it is also possible that i only help with a few steps, not limited to but including:

  • rehearsing. i believe that the sound is created in the rehearsal room. whether there’s vocalists to be coached, arrangements that need some tweaks – i hope i can be of assistance.
  • recording. i own some equipment and also got access to a few studios that can be of help if you’d like to record a song, an album, just some sounds; just go ahead and ask.
  • mixing. in-the-box, using outboard gear, or using creative limitations – there’s nothing i would not do to balance your instruments and give them the sound they deserve. i also know a couple of people that specialize in genre-specific mixing that can be of help.
  • mastering. even if it is definetly not my strength, i am capable of creating a good sounding master. whether you request a crushing loud master or a high fidelity record that complies with the current EBU R128 standard – i am up for the challenge of fulfilling your artistic vision.

a couple of recent productions i can be proud to be a part of: